Welcome to my blog home.
This website is a place to share my personal hobbies. Depending on what you’d like to know about, please follow the following links:

Model Horses


I’ve been collecting model horses every since I was a kid.  I’ve played with them, photographed them, showed them, and enjoy talking about them online 🙂

My Life Story

I have been working on My Life Story Project since 1989.  My Life Story Project consists of:

  • Written stories about the challenges and adventures of my life, especially my growing up years.
  • Scrapbook albums depicting big and small events in my life.
  • Genealogy- bits and pieces of the history of my family, some branches fuller than others!  My public tree is at Ancestry.com
  • My digital photograph collection, a work in progress to share my visual heritage.


Eclectic Approach

Ever since my first dog training class with my childhood pet, Sandy, I have been fascinated with dog training and animal training theory generally.  I have always enjoyed working with animals, and have participated as youth dog club volunteer, leader, and part-time paid dog training instructor.  Though I don’t currently own a dog, I have dabbled with “Clicker Training” with my one of my cats.  I would love to share my story with you about where I came from, what I’ve learned, and how you can learn more about sound, scientific animal training theory.operant-conditioning-and-reinforcement-psychology-alevel-3-638

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