Current affairs

Here is a quick “what am I up to this week” entry.
I am enjoying publishing to my very first weblog, aka “BLOG”. I’ve posted a few posts in there already, topics including “a little about me”, a review of my current book reading project (called Spirit of Discipline by Richard Foster), and a couple entries based on a journaling prompt site.

Tonight I’ll stop by my local meetup group to trade elements for a “Page Swap” I signed up for. For those who are scrappers, or those interested in scrapbooking, this particular swap has an interesting twist. There are 12 participants (actually it’s open to 12, and there are 11 signed up), and the coordinator has listed 12 different element that make up a page layout (a page layout is two pages facing each other and visually related to one another so you look at both pages as one piece). Elements include solid cardstock, vellum, a title, fiber, round eyelets, shaped eyelets, and a decorated photo mat, amongst others. Our theme for tonight’s swap is “BEACH”, and I am supplying 10 round eyelets per participant that are related to the topic (meaning beachy colors). It’s a great idea and I look forward to driving home with a complete layout kit where all I have to do is supply the photos and glue it all together!

As for heritage projects- I’m going to my parents house in PA this weekend. Grandma is at my parents house during the summer months, and I should ask her some heritage questions!

I am going to be working feverishly to put together some page kits and type up the accompanying journaling for my project to be completed at a scrapbook weekend next weekend (17-19th). During the “Stampin Up” weekend with Jen Peel, I’ll be concentrating on finishing our (my hubby and I) 2006 vacation (Boston and Vermont), album and also would like to complete an album on our mini-vacation to Harpers Ferry WVA Memorial Day weekend of this year (that was a FUN trip!) so that preparation will keep me busy over the next several days.

Other news: I am greatly enjoying my wonderful (and expensive!) new digital SLR camera (Nikon D80), which has greatly boosted my photography capabilities, and will be purchasing a long telephoto zoom lens to go with it before we go on vacation in Sept. (to Maine- looking forward to that trip!). I’m crossing my fingers hoping to photograph one or more moose!

One thought on “Current affairs

  1. Jason August 15, 2007 / 7:32 pm

    Glad to hear you enjoyed my ambience. 🙂 Looks like I can post comments here, so hopefully you’ll see me around more often. Hope all’s well!



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