Scrapping Rocks!

Ok, so it’s a strange phrase to most people, unless you are “one of us”. I attended a “Stampin’ Up” scrapbook weekend retreat with my friends Leah and Michelle. I had a productive weekend, getting 24 pages completed and finishing my “Vacation 2006” scrapbook, although I slacked off in the “journaling department” something which I am known to be pretty good at and very active about encouraging others to do. In fact, as I spoke with one of the event participants, I was quick to admit that although I love the creative outlet of designing and building lovely pages with beauty, flow and color, I’d rather have the stories then the pictures. As is typical in these conversations, the lady I was speakng with gave a quizzical look and then nodded her head thoughtfully, as she realized the truth of my comment;¬†without the stories, the most beautiful photos and most stunning layouts will mean little to future generations.

My other accomplishments for the weekend were that I managed to stay productive up until 2am on both Saturday and Sunday mornings, and probably ate enough snack foods to last the next month in calories (not an accomplishment that my body is particularly happy with!).

I was exhausted at work today, but fortunately was also “cursed” with a problem which took some energy to work through, and it was a blessing in disguise, forcing me to stay alert as I concentrated on the issue at hand. My kind husband emailed me to ask how I was doing late in the morning and I replied that it was a chaotic day, but not the worst day. I said that there were two kinds of chaotic and/or bad days to have in my book- the kind that had little to do with mistakes on my part, and the kind where everything that goes wrong seems to be my fault. Today was the former, so although I was tired and aggravated for part of the day, and glad to get home, I was satisfied that at least I was not, for the most part, the perpetuater of the mistakes I was trying to straighten out.

I am looking forward to our vacation coming up in a couple weeks. We will be driving up to the extreme northeast of Maine for a week at a rental house on a cliff overlooking Fundy Bay. It will be a very different sort of vacation from what we are used to, and I look forward to traveling in a new state, and to exploring the “wilds” of that corner of the country.

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