Nothing to say – or just busily distracted?

So, here I am again.  I’ve been neglecting this site ever since leaving for vacation.  My primary justification was the need to concentrate on saving, backing up and working with the “gazillions” of digital photos I took on my awesome vacation to Maine, Sept. 1-9.   I have sooo much to say, so besides the photo workflow being ridiculous, I’ve also been attempting to journal what I experienced during my trip.  I’ll start posting a bit at a time shortly.

I wrote an interesting response to a fellow Flickr member.  I had commented on some of his photos, which were the first set of photos that looked comparable to mine in quality/interest.  He was responding to my comment about a particular photo, saying that he knew it would look a lot better with some creative editing in a photo program, but said that he “still” felt it was like “cheating”.  Here is my response, which I thought was interesting since I hadn’t really thought about it much previously:

“I’m with you on feeling like you’re cheating with Photoshop, but kudos that you even HAVE a photo editor and know how to use it- something I do not yet have!!  That’s the one serious drawback of digital photography- it’s no longer about just working to get the best photos at the moment… now you have all this other stuff going on as well.  How can someone who has equal photography skills be competetive with their work with someone who also has the computer tools and skills that can turn even a great “normal” photo into any piece of art she/he cares to?

Funny, I never expressed that before, but it definitely rings true as I write it.  Not that it’s
not wonderful to have the tools, but it’s a different skill set, so when it comes to comparing, we digital photographers have to be sure we are comparing apples to apples, not apples to pomegranates :)”

So that is my life and thoughts for the moment.  I’ll post some Maine photos over from Flickr to follow.  Please feel free to take a look at the rest of my pics!

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