Copperfox Challenge Day 2 (#CDCDay2)

From the Copperfox Blog:
Day 2:
 Name your model or barn (#CDCDay2)

Have a go at naming the most recent addition to your herd by giving them a show name, stable name and pet name. As further ideas, why not do the same for your barn or stable yard and then make a barn tour video?

My most recent addition to my barn was actually THREE new stable friends that all arrived this week!  I definitely have some catch-up on names to do with my new purchases in 2015, but for now I’ll concentrate on these pretty ponehs.

Stone DAH 2016 – Tennessee Walking Horse in palomino: Armend (“mind of gold”)
Stone DAH 2016 – Trotting Drafter in buckskin: Hickory – just because it fits 🙂
Breyer WEG 2010 – Roxy in palomino: Rayna (“Beautiful to Gaze Upon”)

For now, here is a casual picture, taken of the three upon opening:

20160223_124419_resized I’ll post official photos in the appropriate Flickr collections (My Stone Inventory | My Breyer Inventory)

My virtual stable was born as “Clover Lake Stables” back in the 1980s.  I officially considered the activities I did with my model horses a hobby while I was a 4-H member and several of those activities were done through my local 4-H horse club. I always liked their symbol – a 4 leaf clover, so that was the first part.  I have also liked scenic lakes, and daydream of owning a big property with a lovely lake shaped like a clover, so thus was born “Clover Lake Stables”.  

A couple years ago I renamed my virtual property to Clover Lake Acres, to encompass not just my horses, but my dogs, other animals and various activities (in my virtual world of course though I have done real life dog training instruction!)

Nowadays, when I daydream of being involved in training animals or people, I like to use the name the “Eclectic Approach”.  I am fascinated with training theories and techniques and pride myself on using any number of these to best suit my particular client or animal, real life (“RL”) or virtual.

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