Copperfox Challenge Day 9 (#CDCDay9)

Day 9:   Plan to go to a live show or enter a photo show (#CDCDay9)

A bigger challenge for today! Find out what live shows are in your area and plan to attend one. Live Show is one of the best parts of the model horse hobby and the best way to experience them is to have a go. Alternatively, find a photo show online and enter a picture.

Well, that one is easy – signing up was a breeze.. now preparing?? That’s a different story.. One never realizes just HOW MUCH preparation is needed for live model horse showing.  To show the extent of what must be done, here is my current task list for the show in May:

Pocono Ponies Live Show Goals

Prepare for and participate in several halter classes with well thought out breeds and documentation on all.

Sort Sub-Goal Progress
A Sign up for the live show. Done.  I’ve paid for and am planning to attend the Pocono Ponies Live show in May.
B Determine models to enter in halter classes (keep in mind max 2, $1 each additional entries). Created photo collection and am gathering photos as “hopefuls”.
C Determine appropriate breeds based on general conformation and coloring. I’ve looked up some information, but need to do more research for each individual model.
D Create documentation for all halter entries. They must include both photos and a brief, written summary. Focusing currently on the above, plus getting through some parts of my Performance sub-goals below, which take more time to prepare for.

Prepare for and participate in at least THREE performance classes with appropriate tack that is placed correctly.

Sort Sub-Goal Progress
A Sign up for the live show. Done.  I’ve paid for and am planning to attend the Pocono Ponies Live show in May.
B Review current model horse tack inventory and create chart of tack needs. Done. See above chart.
C Purchase additional tack that I can’t upgrade/repair in my own inventory. Bought a western saddle, english dressage set (saddle, bridle), western accessories set (headstall, reins, breastcollar, saddle pad), and three english snaffle bridles.  Still need to commission a bridle to go with my australian saddle.
D1 Take photos, then post existing tack online for critiqueing.  Use the “amish horse stand” to hang stuff. Answers will help determine what needs doing for D2.
D2 Repair, upgrade tack I own to bring it as close to current standard as possible. I’ve removed oxidized buckles on a couple bridles. Need to get out jewelry cleaner and attempt to restore.
E FINISH the In-progress western saddle I started to create eons ago. Not started yet.
F Determine models to use in said performance classes. Created photo collection and am gathering photos as “hopefuls”.
G Determine exactly WHAT each set will be doing for each performance class. I’ve pinned lots of ideas on Pinterest so far, but this part is a bit down the line yet.
H Create documentation for all performance entries.   Yeeesh.. Not even a glint in my eye yet!  Too much else to finish!

So, looking at this I realize I need to finish this challenge and get myself in gear and get ready for this show!! 

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