Copperfox Challenge Day #10

So.. I got through all 9 days of the Copperfox Challenge until the last… It just seemed overwhelming at the time, even though I DO like to write!  Fortunately. having done all the challenges, my mind was “rigged” for model horses.  My husband and I went on a trek one weekend, and I took one of my horses with me…..

Saffron’s Big Adventure

The day dawned bright and cool.. a few soft clouds in the sky, and new friends to meet along the journey.


On the way in to the park, Saffron met a new friend..


They became best buddies immediately 🙂


Great ambitions…


It had been a long winter.. not the worst, but long.. and she was thrilled to be able to take a moment to enjoy the flowers emerging from the dead leaves around her.


Mighty big world out there!



Who said I couldn’t climb?


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