Bailee’s Mini Adventure!

My back was twitchy so I knew I had to take a walk around my townhouse. Walks are MUCH more fun when I have company 😉 Sweet underrated Bailee looked at me with those soft eyes and I knew she had to come along!

Bailee hasn’t seen much of the big wide world, so even our little walk was exciting for her 🙂

“Mommy – I’m scared.. it’s really BIG out here”
“It’s ok.. I’ll hold on tight to you”.

First a quick walk around the buildings. Ugh.. after a long rain it heated up, became muggy.. and BUGGY!!

Between the skeeters and the wet, uneven ground we kinda skirted around the buildings without hesitation, lest the critters catch up to us. We decided to take a short walk down the street, just enough to stretch my legs and loosen my back. On the way we stopped at the mailboxes, which lately have been filled with many horsey goodies! The mail personage had not been by yet but it didn’t stop Bailee from checking it out…

“What’s in the box, what’s IN THE BOX????”
“Patience pony, mail is not here yet, but if you’re good, I’ll let you watch me unbox one of your new friends.”

Beauty portrait of Bailee

“Hey mommy…. what does this say?”
“It says “Slow, or be careful…Kids at play”
“Am I a kid at play… I’m sure having fun!”
“Well, you’re not a young pony Bailee, but you are naive and young at heart so you’re a kid to me 🙂 “

( Incidentally… I’m kinda getting old, but I’m not so naive any more. However, like Bailee, I’m young at heart. I mean, after all I’m out here with Bailee the plastic pony 😉 )

Off we go to the sidewalk.

“Mom, what’s this big thing… I feel like I’m on top of the world, but the word it kinda.. round..up here…”
“That’s a fire hydrant”
“FIRE?? OHHH NOOOO I don’t wanna catch fire!!”
“It’s ok sweetie… the hydrant helps put OUT fire.. it spray out lots of water if needed”
“Water… hey mom.. are we near the ocean?”
“We are”
“Can I see it, can I..can I????”
“Someday maybe, but not today”…..

My ponies all have a thing for stopping to smell the flowers 🙂 Bailee was no exception.

“Hey.. what’s this.. water!!! Is this the ocean??”
With a giggle I replied “No Bailee, that’s just the top of a water cover that collected some water from the rain yesterday”
“That was a LOT of rain yesterday!! I heard it thumping on our roof for a looong time”
“Yes it was”.

Well, if you can’t get the ocean, you make due with what you have…

“PEEK A BOO!! betcha can’t find me!”
Silly pony….

“What’s this big thing mom?”
“That’s an invasive plant”
“What’s in-vayyyy-seeeve?”
“In-vay-siv is a plant from another continent that is aggressive and tends to compete with local plants for space and food”.
“oh.. I don’t LIKE this plant… I’ll GIT IT for you mom- I’ll stomp it out leaf by leaf!”
“oh.. that’s very brave of you Bailee, but it’s way to big”
“Hmm… ok…what’s next?”

Bailee does a little jig in the middle of the cucumber plant, “LOOKIE mommy!!! LOOKIE.. flowers colored just like me!!”
“Why yes, they are.. bright and cheery and adding some lovely color to the world”
“Awww.. thanks mom”
“You’re welcome pretty girl”

Stopping to take an appreciative gaze at the rock wall and the moss and marveling at the grass under her feet..

“Time to go home Bailee”
“Ok Mommy.. thanks for taking me on your adventure”
“I’m glad you came with me Bailee.. you made my boring walk much more interesting”
“Next time.. ocean!!”
“Ok little one… next time ocean!”

And with that we finished our lovely adventure in the big wide world… (which amounted to .3 miles…)

P.S. Bailee was a good pony. She got to meet a new friend when we got home:

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