About Me

My name is Dawn D. aka “NJHeart2Heart”

I’ve been collecting model horses since my childhood in the 1980s. I had always loved animals, and chose to put my stuffed animals into my doll cradle instead of dolls šŸ™‚ I started out collecting My Little Ponies and at one point had 2 barns, a castle and assorted playsets, which I loved to “imaginate” with. The first members of my carpet herd were gifts from my family; Palomino Western Horse, Justin Morgan, Misty of Chincoteague. I started asking for models any time dad and I went shopping. As time went on, my passion for collecting grew. I got older, got my first job, and from there on my herd grew exponentially. Clover Lake Acres started out as Clover Lake Stables, but at one point I wanted to expand my “world” to include dogs, cats and other animals, and thought Clover Lake Acres better described the whole estate rather than just the horses.

I first attended Breyerfest in 1991, the only year Breyerfest was held in 4 different regions (I participated in the northeast regional in Pennsylvania). I attended my first Breyerfest at Kentucky Horse Park on vacation in 2012 and joined the virtual festivities in 2021.

As of July 2021 I’m in my late 40s, am happily married to my husband Ted and we are servants to 3 spoiled cats.
We currently (recently moving from northern NJ in May, 2021) reside on the Southern Maine Coast where I am exploring the new activity of “antigueing”.

You can find my assorted model horse photos through Flickr at: www.flickr.com/photos/njheart2heart/collections/72157647725505274

I can be found in various places on the internet engaging in the model horse collecting community.  My username in most of these locations is “NJHeart2Heart“, so just search for me by name šŸ™‚

My favorite message board is Model Horse Blab.

And here are some links to articles and helpful files that I have created as a model horse hobbyist:

Template for a Model Horse Inventory.  Based on Excel, but can be downloaded and used on other spreadsheet programs.

Spreadsheet of Breyer and Stone brand traditional sized Model Horse Molds. Breyer is almost 100% complete. Stone is missing their latest molds, and I haven’t yet begun to add Copperfox molds, though I’m not sure if list more than the ones I actually own, which is currently just one mold. Although not perfect, this simple spreadsheet should give anyone looking to catalog their models a good start for listing molds.

A few more links of interest for model horse enthusiasts:

Model Horse Links: