Copperfox Challenge Day 6 (#CDCday6)

Copperfox Challenge Day 6:   Find a new artist/sculptor/tackmaker that you don’t already know about (#CDCday5)

Today’s challenge is about finding something new. Trot onto the Internet and find the work of a new artist, sculptor, tack maker, hobbyist- anyone within the model horse hobby that you don’t know about… yet!

This challenge comes on the perfect day!  I just discovered, through a friend on FB that some of my favorite Breyer models were in fact sculpted by Susan Carlton Sifton.  I just friended her on Facebook, and now I look forward to seeing more of her work with Breyer 🙂 

Here are a few photos of my own models based on Sue’s sculpts:

Weight Watchers Begins Again

Well, here I am again.  Today will be my first Weight Watchers Meeting in several months.  I am reminding myself that this is a good thing as well as necessary for my health.  I just hope and pray I haven’t gained ALL the weight back which I had lost in the last year before I stopped.  It’s so true that WW is a lifestyle, and a lifetime committment.  I need structure.  I need accountability and without it most of my best intentions stay intentions instead of actual habits.  Goals are good, but you have to be able to adjust your goals as you go. For me, once I got to a certain point and was feeling good about myself, I lost motivation for my final goal, and without that, I lost sight all together for the “I want it now syndrome”.

So, here I go.  One step at a time. One day at a time.  Hopefully 1 consistent pound at a time!