Whale Watch off Campobello Island


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We took a whale watch cruise on Sept. 6 2007. It was amazing and something I recommend everyone do. The day was gorgeous, our guide was pleasant, and the whales, finbacks to be exact, were -mostly- cooperative. I was amazed that they were “common” in those waters, since it was such a novelty for me. It was around mating season, so we actually wound up following a pair of whales plus a single whale that traveled close to them. Their coordination was awe inspiring- seeing them blow and dive together. Not only the whales but the strong breeze, sun, movement of the boat and other wildlife made it an experience to remember.

East Quoddy Light


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This was just too cool! We were fortunate to be able to get a tour from the non-profit organization people who are restoring East Quoddy Lighthouse. We went inside the lighthouse, which had living quarters, a 2nd living area, and then up top, the head of the lighthouse. All 8 of us squeezed up into the tower where the actual lens was located, and it was an awesome experience.

Dahlia in Roosevelt’s Garden


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Roosevelt International Park on Campobello Island is a very pleasant, easy trip. Although seeing the original furnishings of the Roosevelt family in their original house was interesting, I was fascinated by the HUGE garden of dahlias out front.

Liberty Point, Campobello Island

Liberty Point, Campobello IslandThere is a tremendous difference in temperature and wind speed/strength between the bay side and the ocean side of Campobello Island, Canada.  Liberty Point was definitely ocean side.  It looks beautiful, and it is, but be prepared if you visit, to wear WARM clothing! BRR!!

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