The Writing Struggle

As I read a post today on my Yahoo Group, “Life_Story_Projects, I thought about how I’m
struggling with the first draft, of getting “MORE” words on the page, and I struggle keeping my attention on editing my work. It’s
ALL a bit of a challenge for me, but I do love seeing written pages- I admit that my page count increase is what keeps me going, or
even keeps me thinking about keeping going sometimes! LOL

For me this is a life-long project, and I think the lack of deadlines works against me being productive at times! That’s one
reason I really want to do a teleclass workshop on autobiography. For everything good I have accomplished in my life I have needed a
very firm structure, and serious accountability for my productivity-whether that was for weight loss, writing my first “novel” in a
month, or for my autobiography pieces.

I also struggle somewhat with the bigger purpose of my autobiography. At 35 I don’t have children (hubby and I spoke about
that one again last night, and again, no conclusion- sigh) and since I have no interest in publishing my “mundane” writing (of course I
find it interesting, but it’s definitely not fodder for broader public appeal!) I sometimes wonder in the end what my purpose is.
For now, I just do it for the love of expressing myself on paper.

Right now I’m trying to journal more often. I was proud of myself to have journaled my vacation story. I did it just a day after our
trip, while it was fresh in my memory (you can see it on and I enjoyed recounting the
moments on paper 🙂 For me, these little details are the stuff of bigger writing- I write it, I scrapbook it, I do my holiday letters
based on it, and hopefully will integrate it into my life stories as well.
Oh gee, I just gave myself a bit of a pep talk, and now I want to go and find something else in my life to write about! 😀